Sweet-and Hot Onion Ring Batter Make those great onion rings at home that you find so tasty in your favorite restaurant. Also great for deep-fried fish.
French Onion Soup Emmm...Homemade and just like they serve at the restaurants.
Nacho Dip This is a fantastic dip for tortilla chips. Many thanks to Larry.
Blue Cheese Dressing Charlette's Blue Cheese Dressing is (By-Far) the very best blue cheese dressing you will ever have. Be sure and give it a try. Oh! it's so easy to make too.
Cheese Fudge Best no-fail fudge you can make and in it only takes 15 minutes. Many thanks to Bryan Barr.
Chunky Peanut Brittle Thanks to Phil Crussemeyer and his wife. If I can make it, anybody can
Salsa Corn Dip Another great dip for tortilla chips. Thanks to Larry Kiefer.
Carmel Corn Wow...If you like popcorn, you'll love this recipe.